Enter 1500m Swim

Swimmer requirements: All entrants to be 18 or over for the 1500m you should be able to swim one mile in a pool without stopping and have recent open water swimming experience.

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Enter the 5K swim

5k swim you must have trained for and be able to swim 5000m in a pool or open water and have regular & recent experience of open water swimming with minimum distances of 3000m

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Enter 10K Swim

You must have trained for and be able to swim 10,000m in a pool or open water and have regular & recent experience of open water swimming. Do 5k in open water in under 2.5 hours.

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Protecting the Environment

Help us to protect this special area by having minimal environmental impact.

Invasive Species

check clean dryHelp protect the Lake from invading species. Buttermere is stunningly clear please help us to keep that way by preventing the spread of invasive species that are not native to Buttermere and the Lake District but may have travelled with you from your local lake or body of water.

Invasive species can have a really damaging effect on Cumbria's native plant and animals.


Ensure your equipment is clean and dry

Check your wetsuit, goggles, hats etc for bits of plant of animal 

Clean, ensure all your kit to clean and completely dry before entering Buttermere.

Dry, we recommend your wetsuit to be dry for at least 72 hours before you enter Buttermere.

Remember : CHECK CLEAN DRY - Simples!

More info at www.scrt.co.uk/biosecurity/


Leave no trace

All litter & equipment must be taken back with you.


Traffic Management & Sustainable Travel  

Bus: from Cockermouth and Keswick or on the Honistor Rambler (Tel Travel Line 0870 6082608). www.traveline.info

Car: Access is by road, from Cockermouth in the north west; from Borrowdale via the Honister Pass; or from Braithwaite and the Newlands Valley via Newlands Hause.  Please note, Honister pass and Newlands valley road are narrow and steep in places. 

The Sat Nav postcode for travel purposes is CA13 9UZ

Car share, all participants need a minimum of 2 swimmers per car. Please use the Utterly Buttermere swim event facebook page if you need to arrange car sharing or www.eventcarshare.com

Please park sensibly, do not park on verges.


Give something back

Part of our event licence fee payable to the National Trust goes to help maintain and support the trusts work in this area.

If you would like to become more involved please visit: