No-Ad Suncream Supports Utterly Buttermere Swim 2013

no-ad -logoNo-Ad Suncream Supports the sunny Utterly Buttermere Swim 2013.

We moved the Utterly Buttermere Swim to June in hope of good settled weather and the gamble seems to have paid off this year. Last year we had rain, this year you will need suncream. The nice people from No-ad suncream are providing swimmers with a free sample, find it in your Utterly Buttermere Swim goodie bag.

No-Ad suncream from the USA is now available in the UK. Ideal for outdoor sports and activities because its super light formula is easily absorbed into the skin. The splash product with wet skin technology means no more Suncream in your eyes from sweat!


All NO-AD products are Lanolin free, hypoallergenic and not tested on animals, plus the really good news is that it's half the price of other brands.

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