Utterly Buttermere Swim Weekend

We're giving the Utterly Buttermere Swim event a break for 2014 this gives us more time to introduce new swims such as the new and improved version... The Utterly Buttermere Swim Weekend. 

Indulge in a whole weekend swimming in the Buttermere Valley. find out more here: 

The Utterly Buttermere Swim Weekend

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Huge Thank you from Head to the Hills

Utterly Buttermere Swim Thank youA big Thank you to everyone who took part in The Utterly Buttermere Swim 2013

All Swimmers, kayakers, marshals and event staff did a fantastic job, ensuring the event ran smoothly with a great atmosphere; thank you, you're all stars.

Head to the Hills and the Open Water Swimming Club would also like to thank our kind sponsors  BlueSeventy,  No-Ad Suncream & Truncator and event supporters Strel Swimming, the Epicentre and the National Trust.

Epicentre Discount Card: Don't forget you can still claim your 10% discount at the Epicentre in store with your discount card (found in your Head to the Hills event bag or online ( using code 'utterly' at checkout).

BlueSeventy Wetsuits: At Head to the Hills we stock Blue Seventy wetsuits and specialise in getting you the right fitting suit. Take advantage of our instore fitting service or buy online at http://www.headtothehills.co.uk/blue-seventy

We look forward to seeing you all again soon.


Utterly Buttermere 2013: The Movie

Utterly Buttermere 2013: The Movie

Utterly Buttermere 2013 the movie

The amazing people from Movieit came along on the day to film the swim and capture the atmosphere of the day. They did a fantastic job. Utterly Buttermere 2013 the Movie is out now.


 Photos from the Buttermere swim 2013 can be found on the Head to the Hills facebook album here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152314661101091.1073741829.255448021090&type=3