Guru Nanak Devji and Sikh History in Murals por S.S Khalsaji

Guru Nanak Devji and Sikh History in Murals por S.S Khalsaji

December 7, 2019

Titulo del libro : Guru Nanak Devji and Sikh History in Murals
Fecha de lanzamiento : September 30, 2004
Autor : S.S Khalsaji
Número de páginas : 1000
ISBN : 8178352729
Editor : Kalpaz Publications

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S.S Khalsaji con Guru Nanak Devji and Sikh History in Murals

It is a biography of Guru Nanak Devji in Murals that depicts the entire life of Nanak Devji. The book is profusely illustrated with pictures. These pictures/murals drawn on the walls, a rare and precious history of the Sikhs which are painted on the walls of the historic building of Baba Atal, Sri Amritsar Saheb. The other half of the book gives a brief and concise history of the Gurus, the Sikhs and Sikhism, the Khals and the Panth and of the embodiment of SHABAD and the BANI., , Contents:- Guru Nanak's Philosophy. • Birth: Divine Light emerging from Sachkhand • BediannouncingBirthofa Son • Bedi distributing sweets • Beth showing child to Devtas • School Days : Aged 5, to study Sanskrit and Hindi with Pandit • Aged 7, to study Pharsee with Mullah • Childhood : Aged 9, Sacred Thread ceremony : Janju-dharna • Giving discourses to children • Home atTalwandi : Aged 10, grazing cattle• Complaints about loss of wheat • Inspection of loss by officials •Sarap Chhaya • Work: Sacha Sauda, as trader • After Sacha Sauda • Sultanpur : Work atModikhana, aged 17 • Complaints about accounts • Marriage: Sagan ceremony • Kurmai-engagement • Bath:Mai-yan • Barat leaving for Batala • Nanaki demands her dues from brother • Barat arrived at Batala • Barat is having Feast • Lavan : marriage ceremony • DoliretumstoTalwandi • Mata Tripta : Pani-Vama ceremony • Birth of Sri Chand • Helped a devotee and Dassi illumined • First Sachkhand Visit: Bein experience • Modikhana: Lutauna, left work • Encounter with Tn-laws • First Udassi : Emnabad Bhai Lab • Returned from Enmabad • Farincla and Heavenly Rabab • Kartarpur: With Karoria • With Family • Discourses with Sangat • Udassis of East : Patna with Saks Rai. Encounter with Kauda • Arti Sohilla at Pun • Udassis of the West : Notes • Crossed Ocean on the back of a Dolphin • Europe : Nankendorf • King Sukhsen (Sachsen) • King Kobelnains at Koblenz • King Madarben at Madrid • Afar Desh :Africa • King Devloot of Nigura Desh • Cosmotrons : Met Megh-j